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Tipica is an Italian word used to describe ingredients or traditional cooking methods from a particular region. For us, the region is Tuscany, Italy. 

Stefano is an Italians chef who share the same philosophy for how to make the perfect pizza and pasta: love and respect for your dough, a lot of time and patience and sourcing quality ingredients produced by those who know best.

All Tipica dough is left to rise for 48 hours, it’s our dough that makes the difference.

Tipica is a modern “Tuscan Trattoria-Pizzeria” with a tradition method of make good dishes … same as my grandmother Nonna Tilde did with me !

La Pizza

La Pizza is the most well reconsigned dish in Tipica.
We take 48 hours before to cook a pizza

We take so long because we care of our dough … we wait until is ready to be open, fill and served with lots of love

To serve the most healthy pizza the dough have to ferment, raise and to maturate with the right time … and we take our time and we wait … until the best dough is ready to be served

All ingredients are freshly chosen every day at the local Produce Market and our chefs check quality and taste every single day to offer to you the best quality in the market

We cook the pizza in one of the best Wood Fire oven in the word. Is made in Verona in a very traditional family business were they produce a small quantity ovens per year. Each one are extremely quality checked and provide to us one of the most reliable and efficient Wood Fire oven available on the market. Marana Family must be proud of what they do.

We serve all the pizzas with lots of love 💓

Check our videos to see what and how we do in Tipica 😉

La Pasta

La Pasta is the most well appreciate dish in Tipica.
We hand made our Pasta … everyday …. from flour, eggs and water

We are proud of our production …. because when you make pasta from fresh organic eggs, Australian 00 flour and local water you can create a wonderfull Pasta

We produce Gnocchi, Pappardelle, Fusilli, Casarecce, Spaghetti and Lasagne

For many customers we produce gnocchi with gluten free flour and are divine !

We make all the sauce in Tipica like Bolognese Ragu’, Napoletan sauce, Wild boar sauce, Prawns and tomato sauce, Pesto and many others …

All our sauces are made from the best Polpa Tomato – Mutti – 100% Tuscan Olive oil and local products

Prawns are Fresh King Australians
Beef and Pork come from NSW farmers
Wild Boar 🐗 come from Australian game farm
Basil for Pesto is coming from a local farmer

We support all our local suppliers and we ask the best quality in the market to provide the best experience you can have at Tipica

We serve all the pastas with lots of love 💓

Check our videos to see what and how we do in Tipica 😉

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