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Menu Tipica Pizzeria Bondi Take Away


To setup our Menu Tipica Pizzeria Bondi Beach Firstly we prepare the dough 48 hours before you can order it …. yes … is a long process to take care of you and your health

Then we go to the farm and buy all the produce to prepare our ingredients daily with the maximum fragrancy and “gusto”

and then we switch on our top wood fire oven … made in Verona from a very old family that have keep the same tradition making the best woodfire pizza oven: Marana Forni from Verona – Italy

And finally … we are ready to serve your beautiful pizza.

However is so important to have a nice red glass of wine with you meal. Choose one from the menu of Tipica Pizzeria in Bondi

Bologna Pizza       
made with fresh Mortadella made in Italy, some Scamorza cheese arrived from Milan, some beautiful Cherry Tomato produced in Australia, Pistacchio and fresh mozzarella made daily in Sydney

Bologna pizza made at Tipica Pizza Bondi
Bologna Tipica Pizza

the base is a Yellow Tomato Sauce with some fresh mozzarella made in Sydney and when is crisply cooked we add Speck from the beautiful land on Dolomite with Burrata and Black Pepper … Above all is the most ordered pizza @ Tipica

Dolomite pizza made at Tipica Pizza Bondi
Dolomite Tipica Pizza

made with Eggplant, Ricotta, Black Pepper, fresh mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato Sauce and in addition a soft touch of Basil

Maremma pizza made at Tipica Pizza Bondi
Maremma Tipica Pizza

Cinque Terre
is made with the traditional Genovese recipe on how to prepare the best Basil Pesto as a base of the pizza, we had Buffalo mozzarella, some Golden Cherry Tomato, fresh Basil, fresh mozzarella and in addition after cook Bresaola and Bocconcini Mozzarella

Cinque Terre pizza made at Tipica Pizza Bondi
Cinque Terre Tipica Pizza

made with Pumpkin Cream, Scamorza, to conclude with Fried Onion and Pancetta

Pumpkin pizza made at Tipica Pizza Bondi
Pumpkin Tipica Pizza

made with Smashed Potato, Scamorza, Ham and in addition some Breadcrumbs

Croche pizza made at Tipica Pizza Bondi
Croche Tipica Pizza

Menu for Tipica Pizzeria in Bondi Beach change every season … in conclusion … stay tuned to see what our Italian chefs will prepare for you !

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